Discover the captivating journey of a Mercedes Benz Vito as it undergoes a mesmerizing transformation at Carzone. Originally an 6-seater, this MPV sought an upgrade to a luxurious and comfortable 7-seater configuration. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Carzone brought this vision to life, turning it into a truly remarkable and spacious vehicle fit for royalty.


Step inside the enchanting realm of the newly converted Mercedes Benz Vito, where opulence and convenience unite. The interior now boasts two fully automatic pilot seats, redefining comfort during every ride. The color scheme showcases a stunning two-tone white and black combination, exuding sophistication at its finest.

To elevate the interior experience, Carzone added bespoke features like a custom TV partition, providing passengers with their exclusive entertainment zone. The galaxy roof adds a touch of celestial magic, illuminating the cabin with ethereal allure. Ambient lighting further enhances the ambiance, setting the mood for every voyage.

With thoughtful details like new air conditioning vents and expertly applied interior paint on all covers and trims, the result is a transformative interior that surpasses expectations. This is a testament to Carzone’s unwavering commitment to creating an unparalleled travel experience for each journey in the Mercedes Benz Vito.