Gtr35 Redesigned as Concept GTR-115 with Stunning Interior and Exterior Transformation!


The GTR35 redesign Concept GTR-115 underwent a major transformation with several exterior upgrades. The body was repainted in sleek black with a stunning carbon look, which adds a sporty and aggressive touch to the car’s overall appearance. The revamp also included the installation of Carzone Design Seats Upholstery with customised patterns and embroidery, which enhances the car’s aesthetic appeal.


The GTR35 redesign Concept GTR-115’s interior was revamped with a unique combination of black Suede and Crimson Red Leather Lining. Carzone Design was commissioned to create customised designs on the seats and door panels, further enhancing the car’s luxury appeal. The dashboard was wrapped, and the roof lining received special treatment from Carzone, giving it a premium look. The trims were also treated and coated with Carzone Water Transfer Lamination to give it a distinct finish. Additionally, retrofitted air vents were installed to provide optimal ventilation for passengers.