A satisfied customer shared their positive experience with Carzone’s Mercedes SLK conversion. They were impressed with the SLC-inspired exterior, including the front headlamp, AMG bumper with grill, and carbon front diffuser. Inside, they loved the yellow and black color scheme, reupholstered seats and door panels with lighting, Kaisa Model 808 AMG steering with digital cluster, and retrofitted Android player. Overall, the customer was thrilled with the transformation and highly recommends Carzone.


Carzone transformed a Mercedes 2015 SLK into an SLC model with an aggressive and sporty look. The exterior works included retrofitting genuine SLC front headlamps, installing a Carzone SLC AMG style bumper with a grill, adding a CMST carbon front diffuser, retrofitting a genuine Mercedes taillamp, and painting the car with a fresh coat of paint.


The interior concept was a combination of two color shades: yellow and black. Carzone reupholstered the seats and door panels with lighting tubes and patterned lines, and retrofitting an Android player. They also installed Senmons Kaisa Model 808 Carbon series AMG steering with a digital cluster and Senmons Kaisa Airvents. Finally, Carzone added RGB ambient light sets on the seats.