“The Revival of a Millennia Legend- Jaguar XK8”

The Jaguar XK8, a true beauty from a bygone era, has regained its glory after being featured in several movies. The vehicle was in a relatively aged condition with significant tears and faded areas in the interior. Carzone worked based on the customer’s preference and transformed the vehicle’s interior with brown leather and patterned stitches that complement black trims.


Carzone performed upholstery works on all seats and trims, roof lining works with a center divided concept, water transfer lamination of console trims, and customized steering works. They also installed RGB ambient light modules, performed dashboard wrap works, and interior paint works. Additionally, they added new bottom and top carpets.

The end result is a legendary British breed that has regained its charm and glory with a beautifully revamped interior that matches the car’s stunning exterior.