Need some ultimate form of creative expression done on your car? The team at Car Zone Beauty Care are here to assist for any car customization!

We can provide you with a custom installation, build, or modification service for your vehicle to cater your requirement and desired. With years of combined experience in automotive customization, our technicians are fully equipped and proficient in handling projects of all sizes. Call us for a free estimate now!


If you intent to upgrade, refresh or simply personalize your vehicle's interior there's no better way than with a custom-designed trim kit made just for you.

We've built our company on the notion that nobody can customize your ride better than you and we've done everything in our power to bring you the best in terms of selection, affordability, performance and value.


Are you unsatisfied with the appearance or functionality of the factory molded door panel? To further set the car apart from the pack, we can perform custom cover on the molded door panels in leather, suede, or other exotic materials & combinations.

To achieve this, artful stitch work is done to the leather which is then laminated over the stock molded panel to create the final custom look. We can incorporate flames, geometric shapes, sculpted patterns, embroidered logos, two-tone colors, etc.


Upgrading your seats and cushions not only adds value to your vehicle but also create the best driving experience.

Our car seat covers are tailored and custom-made with variety choices of material and styles. If protection is what you’re looking for, waterproof and washable seat covers are available for special orders.


Unlike basic universal floor mats, our custom made flooring were designed to precisely fit specific vehicles, providing edge-to-edge coverage of the foot wells.

All of this better protects your vehicles interior from water, muck and other messy things that can get tracked into the vehicle or spilled onto the floor.


We offer various selection of headliners to match your current interior or to update it along with your new seating and/or flooring.

Whether you are looking for the modern or vintage look, our team will help you achieve it. With a wide choices of colors, fabrics and styles, you will find the perfect match for your desires.

The right choice in car customization.

We help drivers turn the car they drive into the car they desired.